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Demonstrate that your products, processes, systems or services are complying with national & international regulations & standards


Companies may be subject to a range of operational delays and supply chain disruptions. By implementing and certifying a Business Continuity Management System, organizations can swiftly recover from incidents without compromising their long-term security. Operational delays take many forms – utility disruptions, IT outages, extreme weather – and are a risk for all businesses. To recover from these incidents, organizations require a comprehensive strategy that tackles numerous business continuity risks.

ISO 22301 is a Business Continuity Management System that accounts for your company’s complete ecosystem. With ISO 22301, companies can identify areas of risk, implement controls, and allocate responsibilities appropriately. By certifying your business to ISO 22301, you can reassure both internal and external parties of your company’s ability to recover from unexpected disruptions.

Course details
• Identify Risk and Implement Appropriate Organizational Controls with ISO 22301
• Minimize Property Risks and Revenue Loss while maintaining cash flow in the face of disruptions
• Implement A Company-Wide business continuity policy specific to your business context
• Reassure Stakeholders and Investors of your company’s operational safety by certifying to ISO 22301
iCompliance Benefits & Role in Certification Journey Management

Ethical and accurate technology platform to facilitate certification. iCompliance protects clients from scammers, fakers and certificate selling mills offering “a piece of paper” with iCompliance improvement.

iCompliance is a technology platform which connect leading conformity assessment bodies (CAB) also known as certification companies or registration companies with clients seeking ISO certification for Systems, People, Processes and Products.

iCompliance is totally independent of certification process and acts as facilitator to connect Certification Companies with customers and provide complete certification journey till they select their desired certification body. As part of our obligation under ISO 17021, ISO 17024, & ISO 17065, iCompliance don’t guarantee certification on behalf of independent accredited certification bodies. iCompliance take all due diligence in pre-qualification of certification companies and technically analyze their competence through our due-diligence criteria before listing their services in iCompliance Marketplace. We continuously get customer feedback to analyze and regularly rate these certification bodies performance, value addition to clients and ethical practices.

Our customers when they select a certification solution on iCompliance Marketplace are ASSURED that...
• Certification Body they are selecting are genuine and accredited
• Have successful track record of value added audits
• Will follow International Accreditation Forum (IAF) guidelines in conducting audits
• No certification body is allowed to be listed in iCompliance where Accreditation body members have not joined the IAF Multilateral Recognition Agreement (MLA) recognizing the equivalence of other members' accreditations to their own.

Well-proven auditing methodologies and certification-related support services form the basis for standard or customized Audit Services to offer professional solutions to client’s business challenges. iCompliance international network of technical experts provides additional support in the form of industry and specialist knowledge to guide clients in making right certification decision.

How it works

Certification cycle offered by accredited certification bodies listed on Certification Journey Management is designed on ISO 17021 & Internation Accreditation Forum(IAF) guidelines.


Stage 1

Documents and other key system elements are evaluated, actual and potential non-compliances reported and the opportunity to take improvement action before full implementation audit at ‘stage 2’

Stage 2

Compliance Review’: interviews, examination of records and observation of working practices. Non-conformances are reported and classified, subject to appropriate responses the audit team recommend certification. The report is submitted for technical review and certification decisions.


Periodic surveillance Audit

After issue of certifications, periodic surveillance visits to check the system and action plan implementation.


Re-certification audit before the end of the certification cycle (typically three years).

How to get Certified?

iCompliance offers technology platform for total certification solution. So whatever you need to get your organization certified - and keep you certified - get it all on iCompliance marketplace

Advantages of an ISO 22301 Certification

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